Mindpro Training Programs

MindPro's modularized curriculum design enables a standardized message to be communicated throughout the programs, thereby eliminating variation of instruction across groups of students or between roles.

Select a program to view its text description and curriculum outline. Approximate time requirements are displayed next to each program name.

All programs include the Resource Platform and Summary Slides that correspond to the instructional videos.

Certification details and corresponding exam packages are available at www.mindprotesting.com.

Training Programs

Mindpro Training Features

All of the MindPro programs of study are delivered through video-based instruction. Depending upon the selected program it may include one or more of the following types of videos from MindPro’s Lean Six Sigma Body of Knowledge.

Training Features

In addition to the above videos, MindPro includes many different types of media that enhance the overall learning experience and ensure the highest rates of knowledge transfer for both training and coaching. Summary Slides are included within each of our standard programs and all programs include access to the Resource section of MindPro.

Below is a brief description of each of the supporting media types while the MindPro Test Drive Demo provides examples of each.

For every instructional video, there exists a summary slide in PDF format that you can view, print, or download and save for future reference. These slides can be used as "class notes", or in the case of blended learning, a classroom presentation slide.

43 visual aids to supplement your learning experience by running simulations or perform calculations of concepts taught during training. These tools can be used by students to gain deeper insight into the instructional videos or implemented by instructors to create short exercises.

27 exercises and corresponding quizzes support one or more aspects of the related instructional content and can effectively support a self-paced or blended learning model.

189 Tool, Concept and Methods Documents provided as PDF's. They are laid out in a consistent manner and can often answer many of the training related questions such as terminology, definitions and the order of procedures.

Easy access links to MindPro Testing as well as additional web resourses such as online glossaries, statistics handbooks, test books, reference books, manuals, tool selection guidelines and best practices.


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