What students are saying about Dr. Harry's Six Sigma MindPro Training Programs:

Having discovered your Six Sigma training was one of the best things that happened to me recently. The video snapshots (SS Essentials) were real eye-openers and have changed my approach to our operations with noticeable benefit already.Yes, there are other courses available and I did extensive research, but I found nothing like MindPro - a unique approach in itself with excellent first-hand delivery by Dr. Mikel J. Harry. Each time I open MindPro I benefit from it, and this is my competitive advantage, for which I am grateful.


I really like the course setup and how things are broken out. The over the expert's shoulder style of videos is perfect. I keep a log of notes for each section, following along with you, and it seems to work really well.


The instructional videos are great. I like the way they are divided. I can watch a video, fully concentrate on that video because it is small, run off to a meeting or if at home go run to see what the kids are up to and get back to another video. It really works well for my busy schedule.


I am also constantly pausing, rewinding, etc. I love being able to do that. My course notes are great!! I wish I could have paused my professors in my undergrad or graduate courses - I probably would have done better on tests.


I am thoroughly enjoying the program. I like your reinforcing teaching technique.


I can't remember the last time I was intellectually stimulated like this.


Just wanted to say thanks for your help in matters of the course. I really enjoyed it and learned a lot. I'll certainly recommend it to others. Dr. Harry was an excellent teacher, easy and enjoyable to follow.