The Great Discovery

Program Description

The Great Discovery is a systematic and powerful approach to reasoning that leads to higher levels of effectiveness and efficiency for individuals, groups, teams and entire organizations. The "Discovery" itself is a way of thinking that enables everyone, at all levels, to rapidly innovate, deploy and implement solutions for breakthrough achievement. Simply stated, The Great Discovery is a proven way of thinking that empowers the ordinary to reach out and achieve the extraordinary!

      Discovery Booklet

Program Introduction

About the Author - Who is Dr. Harry and what have his contributions been?

Pursuing the Quest - How can the pursuit of breakthrough bring clarity to your life?

Revealing the Discovery - What is The Great Discovery and how can you benefit from it?

Building the Foundation - What are the big ideas underlying The Great Discovery?

Establishing the Terminology - What questions are crucial to understanding The Great Discovery?

Linking the Concepts - What are the crucial links between The Great Discovery and Six Sigma?

Exploring the Map - How can The Great Discovery lead to breakthrough?

Memory Quick Quiz - What do you recall from The Great Discovery Introduction?

Proven Path

Surveying the Landscape - How can you gain a new and unique perspective for you life?

Understanding the Essence - How large is the gap between what is ordinary and that which is extraordinary?

Tracing the Evolution - What is the proven source of power that can help you realize breakthrough?

Grasping the Principles - What principles will significantly increase your odds of achieving success?

Enabling the Mind - What is the pattern of thinking that can empower your quest for breakthrough?

Following the Path - What are the key points and lessons learned associated with The Proven Path?

Chartering the Project - How do you initialize and execute a discovery project?

Introducing the Case - What type of circumstances would justify chartering a discovery project?

Creating the Vision - How do you develop a dream and establish the initial direction?

Mapping the Journey - How do you develop and sustain steady progress to your catalyst dream?

Focusing the Power - How do you identify and optimize your critical driving and restraining forces?

Launching the Plan - How do you evaluate and improve your confidence of success?

Memory Quick Quiz - What do you recall from The Proven Path?

Strong Spirit

Assessing the Potential - How can you determine what's most important to you in life?

Uncovering the Possibilities - How can you look beyond your current horizon to envision a new way of achieving?

Linking the Needs - How can you get others to help you achieve your dream of breakthrough?

Envisioning the Details - How can your imagination be extended to better envision a new and better reality?

Developing the Commitment - How can you establish a self-fulfilling prophecy that will lead you to breakthrough?

Pointing the Way - What is the first critical step that you must take toward the realization of a dream?

Marking the Course - How can you make your quest for breakthrough more effective and efficient?

Avoiding the Breakdowns - How can you avoid breakdowns when executing your roadmap to breakthrough?

Igniting the Spirit - What are the key points and lessons learned associated with The Strong Spirit?

Memory Quick Quiz - What do you recall from The Strong Spirit?

SMART System

Challenging the Process - How can a process reflect personal and team values?

Creating the Effects - How can you develop additional momentum in a highly confident and accountable way?

Filtering the Causes - What pattern of reasoning can reshape the way in which you look at the world?

Manifesting the Opportunity - How can you design opportunities that will align to your quest for breakthrough?

Reinforcing the Chain - How can you redirect a chain of events to produce the results you want?

Designing the System - What kind of a system will make your journey more effective and efficient?

Improving the System - How can you design a repeatable system that will work long and hard for you?

Avoiding the Symptoms - How can you reduce the odds of abandoning your dream of breakthrough?

Generating the Power - How can you generate the power that is necessary to create breakthrough?

Intensifying the Forces - What kind of forces are needed to help you sustain success?

Linking the Forces - How can you isolate and harness the critical forces that drive breakthrough?

Synergizing the Forces - How can you get more out of a system than you put in?

Leveraging the Forces - How can you decrease your effort while increasing your chances of breakthrough?

Activating the System - What are the key points and lessons learned associated with The SMART System?

Memory Quick Quiz - What do you recall from The SMART System?

Simple Strategy

Building the Momentum - How can you break the bonds of inaction and move forward?

Applying the Cycle - How can you better plan and manage your actions on the path to breakthrough?

Harnessing the System - How can you employ systematic thinking to make your journey more repeatable?

Translating the Forces - How can you convert natural forces into executable steps?

Engaging the Forces - How can you execute your breakthrough plans in a more reliable and repeatable way?

Validating the Results - How can you confirm that your actions are leading to the expected results?

Empowering the Strategy - What are the key points and lessons learned associated with The Simple Strategy?

Memory Quick Quiz - What do you recall from The Simple Strategy?

Program Summary

Reviewing the Highlights - What kind of dream is often bigger than realizing your own dream of breakthrough?

Eclipsing the Future - How will you benefit from the Six Sigma Way of Thinking?

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