Custom Program Demo

Program Description

This program is designed to show the capabilities of MindPro by utilizing it's various features, all integrated into a single program for purposes of demonstration. Not only will you see the standard layout of MindPro's programs using Topics, Modules and Steps / Media Assets, but you'll also notice how additional asset types can be used to further enhance and customize programs for clients whether for digital or blended training.

Some of these features include text box and hyperlink asset types which allow for additional information and web links to be added into a program. This may be used for instructor communication or links to company resources. In addition, the supporting media folder can be used to include other MindPro resources such as Tool, Concept and Method documents as well as Simulators, Calculators and Exercises.

These additional features allow client instructors the freedom to tailor a program that meets their instructional needs while maintaining the designed curriculum integrity and heirarchical nature of the programs. This level of customization can be done in a very short amount of time and maintain alignment with knowledge exams and proficiency certfication testing.

      Custom PDF Example - Training Calendar, Lesson Plans, General Communication

Discrete Capability

Poisson Distribution - Describe the features and properties that are characteristic of the Poisson distribution

More Information - Additional information regarding MindPro

Process Management

Performance Yield - Explain why final yield is often higher than first-time yield

Establishing Baselines - Explain why performance baselines are essential to realizing improvement

Instruction Videos
1. Nature and Use of Performance Baselines -  4m 10s - 3.94 MB
Expansion Videos
2. Steps for Calculating a Performance Baseline - Part A -  3m 06s - 3.93 MB
Application Videos
3. Calculation of a Six Sigma Performance Baseline - Part A -  6m 36s - 5.23 MB
Supporting Media
Process Baselines - Overview

    Reading Assignment: Pages 12-23 of Dr. Harry's Blue Book - Six Sigma The Breakthrough Management Strategy

    Review corporate case study data found at the link below

Link in corporate website information into your training.