Digital Training Project

Program Description

The Digital Training Project program is entirely focused on an extensive simulated case problem that fully emulates the application environment of a Six Sigma project. Through this program, the participant is provided a grand opportunity to apply their process improvement knowledge and problem solving skills in a hands-on fashion. Expressed differently, this program is based on a real world problem solving situation that can only be resolved through the progressive application of common process improvement methods and tools. Naturally, this type of hands-on training is intended to stretch each participant, regardless of their previous training.

By design, the project simulation maps exactly to the RDMAIC problem solving process Recognize, Define, Measure, Analyze, Improve and Control. Throughout each phase of this strategy, the participant is confronted with a set of real-world data that must be effectively organized, thoroughly analyzed and judiciously interpreted in order to progress to the next phase. To facilitate such analyses, the participant must call upon the capabilities of Excel and Minitab software to answer the corresponding exam questions. Only through hands-on application can the participant realize a solution and thereby successfully complete the project simulation.

The scope and depth of one's participation is constrained only by the scope and depth of their knowledge base. In this sense, the digital training project allows a participant to continue until their background skills no longer allow for meaningful participation. Owing to this unique and powerful feature, every practitioner can be stretched to their respective limits. This program requires the use of the corresponding exam to analyze proper reasoning skills. Total video time for this program is 3 hours and 56 minutes.

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Training Project

Project Introduction - Understand the steps to deploy a Training Project

Recognize Phase - Understand the tools used during the Recognize Phase

Define Phase - Execute the steps needed during the Define Phase

Measure Phase - Understand the tools needed during the Measure Phase

Analyze Phase - Become familiar with the tools used during the Analyze Phase

Improve Phase - Become familiar with the tools needed for improvement

Control Phase - Recognize the usage of tools needed for Process Control

Survey Analysis - Execute the techniques to analyze Survey data

Risk Analysis - Understand the tools needed for a Risk Analysis