Executive Highlights

Program Description

This program is a must see for any business executive or operations level manager that is considering the use of Six Sigma to drive organizational improvements. The collective effect of this video series is to offer the intellectual capital, capability and capacity for a business or operations leader to conduct an initial due diligence on Six Sigma.

By Dr. Harry sharing his unique insights and lessons learned, the participating executive will develop a deep appreciation for the scope and depth of Six Sigma from a business, operations, and process perspective. In addition, Dr. Harry lays out the primary considerations that must be identified, evaluated and subsequently addressed when deploying Six Sigma, regardless of organizational size, type, or focus. Also, he discusses the nature, purpose, import, and expectations of each key role that underpins the successful installation of Six Sigma.

Without a doubt, this program represents a solid foundation from which a business executive or operations manager can reach out and grasp the essence of what Six Sigma is, how it should be installed and its many related benefits. Total instructional time for this program is approximately 4 hours 30 minutes.

      Printable Program Outline

Breakthrough Vision

Content Overview - Understand the nature, purpose, and drivers of Six Sigma

Business Principles

Success Factors - Identify the primary success factors related to a Six Sigma deployment

Installation Guidelines

Deployment Planning - Understand the elements of Deployment Planning

Deployment Timeline - Understand the elements of a Deployment Timeline

CXO Role - Receive insight on how key decisions are addressed

Champion Role - Define the operational role of a Six Sigma Champion and highlight key attributes

Black Belt Role - Define the operational role of a Six Sigma Black Belt and highlight key attributes

Green Belt Role - Define the operational role of a Six Sigma Green Belt and highlight key attributes

White Belt Role - Define the operational role of a Six Sigma White Belt and highlight key attributes

Application Projects - Describe the purpose of Six Sigma Application Projects and how such projects are executed