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Topic Description

The Application Projects topic will provide the participant with the experience-based knowledge and leadership insights necessary to reap the many benefits associated with a Six Sigma application project. Specifically, the participant will learn how to select, scope, define, plan, initiate, execute, validate, report, and close a results-oriented project that is designed to produce tangible financial benefits. Of interest, this topic will focus on the driving and restraining forces that govern the speed of execution and resultant quality of a Black Belt, Green Belt, Yellow Belt or White Belt application project.

Reinforcement of major concepts, techniques, and application is realized through exercises, scenarios, and case studies. By way of this training, the participant will gain tremendous insight into the logic and reasoning which underlies Six Sigma and the process of breakthrough improvement. Total instructional time for this topic is 3 hours and 24 minutes.

Project Description - Understand how to fully define a Six Sigma application project
Project Overview - Provide an overview of the key elements that characterizes an application project
Project Guidelines - Explain how to establish project selection guidelines
Project Scope - Explain how to properly scope an application project
Project Leadership - Recognize the actions that must occur to ensure successful project leadership
Project Teams - Form a project team that is capable of supporting Six Sigma applications
Project Financials - Understand the role of project financials in supporting deployment success
Project Management - Explain how application projects are best managed to achieve maximum results
Project Payback - Understand the driving need for establishing project paybacks
Project Milestones - Identify the primary milestones associated with a successful Six Sigma deployment
Project Charters - Understand the role of project charters and how they are used to guide implementation