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Process Management

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Topic Description

Process Management provides the participant with a clear understanding of what it takes to create and sustain world-class processes. Through dynamic lectures, the participant will learn how to effectively assess the performance of any type of process and the vital role of measurement. In addition, the participant will learn how to create a performance baseline and how to use such benchmarks to assess business performance. Furthermore, the participant will discover how to define and assess defect opportunities, as well as how this concept is used to establish a Six Sigma performance model.

This topic will be of particular interest to process owners and improvement specialists, especially those that need to understand how to enhance the performance of an industrial or commercial process. Reinforcement of major concepts, techniques, and application is realized through exercises, scenarios, and case studies. By way of this training, the participant will gain tremendous insights into how any kind of process can be effectively measured and improved in terms of capability, capacity and complexity. Total instructional time for this topic is 9 hours and 36 minutes.

Performance Yield - Explain why final yield is often higher than first-time yield
Hidden Processes - Describe the non-value added component of a process
Measurement Power - Describe the role of measurement in an improvement initiative
Establishing Baselines - Explain why performance baselines are essential to realizing improvement
Performance Benchmarks - Explain how a benchmarking chart can be used to assess quality performance
Defect Opportunity - Understand the nature of a defect opportunity and its role in metrics reporting
Process Models - Define the key features of a Six Sigma performance model
Process Capability - Identify the primary indices of process capability
Design Complexity - Describe the impact of complexity on product and service quality
Product Reliability - Explain how process capability can impact product reliability