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Discrete Capability

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Topic Description

Discrete Capability will provide the participant with the knowledge and skills associated with a broad array of process capability metrics for discrete data. Specifically, the participant will learn how to compute, interpret, interrelate and report the primary indices of capability that rely on discrete data, such as Rolled Throughput Yield (Y.rt), Defects-Per-Million-Opportunities (DPMO) and Defects-Per-Unit (DPU).

Of interest, the participant will also learn the basis for counting defect opportunities and how to apply that foundational knowledge to process improvement activities. Building on this, the participant will also learn how to convert discrete measures of process capability to equivalent continuous measure of capability, like converting DPMO to a Sigma value. Of course, this allows all types of processes to be directly compared and contrasted. To this end, the participant will learn how the Binomial and Poisson distribution can be employed or otherwise leveraged to estimate the statistical probability of producing zero defects. This concept and its underpinning ideas are central to the practice of Six Sigma.

Reinforcement of major concepts, techniques, and application is realized through exercises, scenarios, and case studies. The following prerequisite topics are listed in sequential learning order: Basic Statistics. Total instructional time for this topic is 4 hours and 42 minutes.

Defect Metrics - Identify and describe the defect metrics commonly used in Six Sigma work
Defect Opportunities - Understand the nature and purpose of defect opportunities in terms of quality reporting
Binomial Distribution - Describe the features and properties that are characteristic of a binomial distribution
Poisson Distribution - Describe the features and properties that are characteristic of the Poisson distribution
Throughput Yield - Compute and interpret throughput yield in the context of Six Sigma work
Rolled Yield - Compute and interpret rolled-throughput yield in the context of Six Sigma work
Metrics Conversion - Convert yield and defect metrics to the sigma scale of measure
DiscaP Simulation - Apply discrete indices of capability to the process simulator
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