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MindPro® Lean Six Sigma Body of Knowledge

The Lean Six Sigma Body of Knowledge (LSS-BOK) is the master curriculum from which all the training programs within MindPro are created. All the related Topics, Modules and Steps are progressive, hierarchical, and displayed in the proper instructional order without regard to any specific training program. This feature is primarily used by curriculum designers, trainers and instructors to preview content while creating training programs or courses.

Getting Started

Select a Topic from the left menu to see its related modules and instructional objectives.
Selecting a Module will open a new browser window to display its related instructional steps.
Select a Step to view the attached media.

User Tips: A unique feature associated with the BOK is the ability to paste module level URL’s as hyperlinks within company documents, work processes or existing training materials; effectively integrating training and coaching into critical processes and everyday work.